Smart is the new Beauty

Allies of skin was founded in Singapore with a simple goal in mind; to create smart, effective products using potent antioxidants and intelligent nutrients.



The brand ethos is rooted in busy urban life with a belief that beauty products should work hard for you; not the other way around. The capsule range is made up of simple multi- purpose products designed to promote the skin’s ability to heal and correct itself. Every product promotes cellular renewal and repair. In a nut shell this brand is for the time poor and those who recognise the incredible concoction of ingredients. If an 8 step Korean beauty ritual will never be your thing but you still want amazing skin then this is the brand for you.

While we sleep our bodies naturally heal and regenerate. Allies of Skin is a formula for promoting great skin and takes advantage of this natural night time regeneration process. The formula begins with Molecular Saviour Mist (we would say this is a godsend for thirsty skin). This is a supercharged toner mist packed with antioxidants and probiotics to promote skin health as well as being anti-bacterial. Stored in a unique dark violet glass to ensure freshness and potency.

After applying the mist on clean skin follow with one of the targeted overnight masks which are turbo charged with active ingredients like retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and AHA’s. For pigmentation and premature signs of aging try the Overnight Mask; for an overnight chemically exfoliating peel try Bright Future Overnight Facial; for those who suffer with hormonal breakouts the Promise Keeper Blemish Facial provides hydration, reduces current breakouts but also prevents more coming. Continuing the perfect capsule edit is the Fresh Slate Cleanser + Mask which comes in a Brightening formula for dull skin and a Purifying formula for oily problematic skin. Both Fresh Slate Purifying & Fresh Slate Brightening can be left on for a few minutes as a mask. Follow with Molecular Saviour Mist for a post treatment burst of calm and hydration. This is an intelligent brand with cutting edge scientific research behind it. We are so excited to hear what’s next to come from innovative founder Nicolas Travis.


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