The Skin Commandments

Make 2019 the year of # NO FILTER REQUIRED… we take a look back at 10 key skin tips we picked up this year from our beauty brand founders.

  1. Don’t pass the salt: ‘Aside from fluid retention, salt can irritate the lining of your pores, because excess is eliminated through your skin in perspiration’ - Dr. Harold Lancer.

  2. Thou shall drink water: ‘Make water your go-to beverage. Being hydrated stabilises the skin barrier, which moisturises your skin and provides the proper medium for cell turnover and collagen production’- Dr. Harold Lancer.

  3. Vitamin C is important for brightening skin all year round but especially in winter: ‘With Vitamin C, it’s not about the %. It’s about the delivery. Vitamin C is most effective when freshly activated with water at the time of use.’ - Dr. Colette Haydon, founder of Lixirskin.

  4. Step up the antioxidants: ‘We lose glutathione as we age. Our levels are high when we’re young and levels start to drop as we get older, under stress or working out too much.’- Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

  5. Stick to your skincare steps: ‘To look younger, your skin needs to be exfoliated every day. When you exfoliate, you accelerate cell turnover, which slows as you age, for fresher-looking skin’ - Dr. Harold Lancer.

  6. But its good to switch up your products: ‘At night your skin is in repair mode. Switching stimulates the skin to get better results’ - Dr. Colette Haydon, founder of Lixirskin.

  7. Cut back on sugar: ‘Eating too much sugar can lead to insulin resistance and intensity glycation, a principal process of internal ageing that breaks down collagen’ - Dr. Harold Lancer.

  8. Acne and blemish scarring takes time to heal properly: ‘In order to relieve scarring, skin needs to be fortified with antioxidants which help to repair and restore'- Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, founder of 111Skin.

  9. Avoid hot showers in winter months: ‘Hot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin. Stick to warm water and keep your showers short’ - Dr. Harold Lancer.

  10. Wear sunscreen: ‘Winter sun and snow glare can damage your skin. Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher at least 30 minutes before you go outside’ - Dr. Harold Lancer.