Natural Versus Cosmeceutical Skincare

NATURAL VERSUS COSMECEUTICAL SKINCARE is a debate which we often think about, especially when it comes to seeing skincare results. At Fetch BEAUTY, our product edit contains both natural and cosmeceutical ingredients, selected for their individual capability.




The past few years have seen a surge in our commitment to social responsibility and it would be foolish not to link the learnings of our most highly educated and technologically advanced generation; the Millennials, to our overwhelming thirst for knowledge and information. We believe that beauty should be joyful and if living your life as a vegan brings you joy, this motivates us to source the most efficacious natural and vegan product we can find. Beware of the  marketing behind 'free from' and 'natural' brands

In order for a beauty product to be truly vegan or organic it must be authenticated and carry an official stamp. In our quest to bring you the best, our edit is currently weighted towards products which have been developed by dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and scientists who have all dedicated their careers to the research and development of advanced, results-based skincare and treatments. Don't assume that if a product has 'free from' declared all over its packaging that its automatically a natural product or that it will work in any way. Equally if a product does not contain a certified organic seal it does not mean its full of nasties it just means the brand haven't seen the need to go down the accredited organic route.  

Skincare rooted in science does not have to mean it is not made from natural components or cannot ever be organic or natural. Check out Nuori. This is the freshest and most natural brand out there and the skin results are outstanding. The love affair with natural skincare doesn't stop there though and we were thrilled to exclusively launch Kypris in May this year. Founder Chase Polan created Kypris with the intention to harness the highest concentration of natural ingredients blended with clinically proven actives. The results are fantastic and Kypris have even developed a natural alternative to Retinol called Moonlight Catalyst which is safe to use during pregnancy as opposed to traditional Retinol & Vitamin A. 

What we don’t like are ingredients added that are unnecessary like artificial colouring and fragrance and we do not need to tell you that our products don’t contain sulphates or parabens or anything to extend the shelf life unnaturally. One of our all-time favourite brands Perricone MD is a highly active and scientific collection of unique ingredients. One of these active ingredients is called DMAE, which is found naturally in sardines and anchovies. 

Dr. Perricone’s research highlights that small amounts of DMAE are also produced naturally in our own brains. It’s not new news that a diet rich in fish is beneficial for cognitive function hence the term ‘brain-food’; but this can also have a profound effect on skin elasticity which when applied topically can increase the appearance of firmness, tone and lift to the skin. The products that contain DMAE as their active ingredients all have a slight fish smell as the brand have not tried to mask with unnecessary fragrance. No this product is not vegan; but smelling like the sea is natural enough a product for us.

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