Face Masks Bring Us Joy!

At Fetch, face masks bring us joy. We believe that there is very little in life that can’t be solved (or at least improved) by taking a few minutes out for tea and a face mask. Consider your mask collection like a wardrobe for specific skin occasions.



Here are 7 types of masks you need to know about.

Sunday skin cure:

Clay-based masks are often interchanged with mud, but clay is by nature a dryer natural ingredient and so not great to use if your skin is really dry. If you can tolerate a clay-based mask they are ideal for breakouts and controlling excess oil production. Our favourites are Sand & Sky Pink Clay mask which is made from natural Australian Pink Clay. This is super gentle and can be used as regularly as every other day. Dr. Sebagh’s skin perfecting mask is an ideal Sunday night treatment as it deep cleanses and brightens, leaving your skin smooth and ready for the week ahead. If you are looking for something to de-congest and refine pores but your skin is super sensitive try Perricone MD Chloro Plasma Mask.

Ideal for: Oily, combination, normal
Avoid:  If your skin is overly dry


Monday night masking:

Your skin heals itself at night time and so this is the best time to add powerful active ingredients to your skincare ritual. We love Allies of Skin Overnight facial as a preventative leave on treatment for clear skin. It is packed with adaptogen ingredients which is basically a cocktail of actives allowing your skin to draw what it specifically needs. Whether your skin concerns are clogged pores, scarring, rough skin texture or a dull complexion this is a wonder product especially if you are short on time and an 8-step skincare ritual is not for you. Another night time mask we love is the Lixir Skin Electrogel Cleanser- when left on as a mask it draws out impurities like pollution and excess sebum. Try and do this twice a week especially if you live in a congested environment. A great deep cleanse for sensitive skin. 

Ideal for: Most skin types.
Avoid:  The Allies of Skin Overnight mask should be used less frequently for sensitive types and always use Sun Protection the following day due to the active ingredients. 

Tuesday recovery masking:

So not many of us have oodles of time in the morning but trust us... if you have two minutes to spare try the Vitamin C Paste from Lixir Skin. The gel texture applied to the skin in the morning when activated with a few pats of water neutralises oxidised sebum and helps revive dull grey skin tones. Vitamin C acts like a barrier to UVA & UVB rays by providing antioxidant protection and also aids collagen production. If recovery and radiance is your skin goal the Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask is an indulgent and powerful way to add hydration and bounce to your skin. You can leave this on for an hour to get extra benefit. Its packed with naturally calming ingredients and ideal for sensitive or distressed skin. 

Ideal for: Most skin types

Wednesday mid-week indulgence:

Modelling masks are giving us serious feels right now. South Korean brand Shangpree were the innovators of this mask, which is mixed in a bowl in two separate components (yes you need a bit of time for this one). Shangpree Gold modelling mask takes a few minutes to set and is pretty messy but the end result is always amazing as the ingredients dry tightly to the skin which forces the active ingredients to absorb. Sort of like reverse osmosis. 

Ideal for: Most skin types

Thursday pre- party chemical exfoliating masks and light peels:

Chemical exfoliating masks and light peels are perfect for brightening pre-weekend or event. Dr. Sebagh’s Deep Exfoliating mask has a combination of acids which rid dead skin cells leading to an instantly brighter complexion. For very sensitive skin in need of re-energising the Hydrogen Firming Foam Mask from Perricone MD is an amazing alternative to hard core peels. It foams on impact with the skin and infuses with hydration giving a more refined complexion. For the ultimate resurfacing treatment we are loving Allies of Skin Bright Future overnight peel. Its packed with Hyaluronic acid and AHA's to encourage cell turnover revealing brighter, younger looking skin. Try using for 3 days in a row then take a break to allow your skin to heal. Always always always use SPF in the days after any exfoliating or resurfacing. Your skin is at its best but also its most delicate. 

Ideal for: most skin types
Avoid: overly sensitive skin

Friday morning late to bed on a school night cure:

We love the Shangpree water based under-eye hydrogel masks which conform perfectly to the under-eye area and come in a tub of 60 pairs. This is a staple product for multi masking as you can apply a mud or clay mask to the rest of your face while wearing the under-eye patches, thus giving this more delicate area the collagen stimulation and hydration it needs.

Ideal: Most skin types

Saturday morning skin indulgence:

Though sheet masks originated in Japan, it was in South Korea where the best bio-cellulose sheet masks were first created. Bio-cellulose conforms tightly to the face allowing the active ingredients to absorb into the skin. You can move around while wearing a bio-cellulose mask as they tend to be less ‘drippy’. Sheet masks are generally super for hydration and a great ‘quick fix’ or facial treatment depending on how long its left on. Long haul flight essential. Try Shangpree Diamond Luminous Sheet masks for compliment catching complexions. 

Ideal: Most skin type

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