I read this somewhere recently and its bothered me ever since. As the owner of a beauty retail company I’m acutely aware of what goes in to creating a new product-  the research behind it, the clinical trials, the cost of production and ultimately ‘the why’. Why does it exist in the first place and why do we need this product over another? I’m all for innovation but when is it too much?



HEV or High Energy Visible light is a relatively new term that is filtering its way in to the skincare lexicon as another ‘WHY’. HEV (or blue light) is a visible light as opposed to ultraviolet light (UVA & UVB) and it is essentially another negative factor associated with our addiction to technology. Along with poor sleep patterns, sight problems and memory deficiency.  Personally, I have ultimate fear of the dreaded tech-neck and I keep a mirror by my computer screen to actively stop myself from scrunching up my face and frowning throughout the day. I’m aware of how narcissistic this all sounds but I buy skincare for a living so that’s already a given. I also don't leave the house without sun protection. Shop Sun Protection. 

There are more and more skincare products coming through that are claiming to protect the skin from HEV light omissions. The research is not definitive in this matter and opinion is divided depending on who is ultimately paying for said research. By this I mean the results of studies that have been commissioned by cosmetic manufacturers tend to be a little more definitive in their need for consumers to take action.

Fact: there are more HEV specific products available in Japan than any other country. This is not because they are more susceptible to HEV light in Japan but because the concern is clearly more real from a consumer perspective. Perhaps the Japanese are more advanced in their research or perhaps they simply place more emphasis on skin health and are therefore more ‘concerned’. I realise this is a generalisation but from my own observations Japan is a game changer when it comes to beauty innovation but also at nurturing more traditional approaches to beauty. For more on Japanese Beauty check out this article. 

So I asked some doctor friends for a little more information and again the responses are varied. What is ultimately unavoidable is the fact that we already have plenty of solutions to this ‘concern’. The claims that HEV light causes pigmentation, premature ageing and impaired barrier function may well be a very real threat and there is no denying that a lot of the research is compelling. What cannot be ignored is the fact that a lot of these concerns can already be alleviated by using antioxidants and Sun Protection.

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