Whats your gym beauty routine?

Exercising without removing makeup is a disaster for skin and lets face it- post work out panda eyes are not #sofetch. Here is our guide to what products are best (or best avoided) when exercising.



First things first- exercise is great for your skin- by increasing blood circulation, exercise helps nourish skin cells. It can also speed up the removal of free radicals and some studies have shown that exercise can regulate hormone levels. Endorphins produced by exercise reduces stress levels (or cortisol) which keeps you looking healthy and feeling great. Another benefit to exercising regularly is the positive affect it can have on your sleep patterns. More exercise = more sleep = glowing skin. 

So now that the maths part is over here are our skincare tips for working out depending on the type of exercise you do. There is really only 1 rule and thats never work out in makeup. Ever. If you do wear makeup while working out it will mix with your sweat and clog up pores. This nasty build up will create bacterial breakouts.

Gym Bag Beauty list:

Cleanser or cleansing cloths

Antibacterial Spray or Mist

Light Moisturiser

Treatment Essence


Sun Protection


Indoor Exercise:

Face: So you've got to the gym after work what should you do? Keep a headband and cleanser in your gym kit for a quick cleanse pre-class. We love the individual cleansing wipes from Lauren Napier for convenience.

Products: You want your skin to be able to breathe while working out so apply a pea sized amount of light moisturiser or even better a spray of treatment essence. Avoid your eye and brow area completely. No rich or heavy moisturisers, no oils and absolutely no concealer over blemishes. Waterproof mascara is absolutely fine. 

During the class: if you are spinning or using gym equipment do not touch your face during the class. Use your towel should you need to. In fact its ok to leave sweat on your face during a work out- by wiping it away only more will come. 

After the class: cleanse gently again to remove sweat especially if your commute home is more than 15-20  minutes. Apply the same small amount of moisturiser or treatment essence for the journey home. 

Body: If you can shower straight after working out this is ideal. Try not to scald yourself though as this will cause dry skin. If its not possible to shower straight after make sure to do it ASAP or you risk the dreaded  'b-acne' (juicy breakouts on the chest and back). When showering after the gym make sure to cleanse your neck and shoulders if you were wearing sweaty work out gear for any extended length of time. 

Yoga or Hot Yoga:

Invest in an anti-bacterial spray something natural like tea tree oil will do or if you have it the Allies of Skin Molecular Mist is anti-bacterial. Spray your mat before beginning practice and if its Hot or Bikram spray your chest, back and arms straight after class to avoid breakouts. Don't spray your face (unless you are using Allies of Skin) as it will sting. Proceed to post face cleanse & shower. 

Outdoor Exercise:

If running is your thing then the same cleansing face and shower rules apply. Instead of a moisturiser apply an SPF30. When you start to sweat you don't want your SPF to irritate your eyes so ensure that you leave it to sink in for at least 5 minutes before leaving the house.  



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