Fighting for Fresh with Nuori

Descriptions of beauty products using ‘natural’ & ‘organic’ are quite often purely marketing claims. While a lot of brands use naturally derived ingredients it is necessary to prolong the life of the active ingredients with preservatives.


Without these preservatives skincare loses its effectiveness over time. We travel extensively to bring you the world’s best skincare and Danish brand Nuori stopped us in our tracks completely. As a relatively new brand they are challenging the traditional skincare market in a massive way.

From formula and production, to distribution and packaging, everything has been re-imagined to optimize the freshness and efficacy of Nuori’s 100% naturally derived and pure ingredients. So here is why we are obsessed- all of the Nuori products are freshly blended in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks in Denmark. The product is then swiftly delivered to the Nuori retailers all over the world (ie Fetch HQ). Each product is dated with a batch number and consumers are only able to purchase a Nuori product that has minimum freshness and efficacy after purchase of 3 months. Any inventory left over from previous fresh batches that go past a certain date are taken off sale and returned to Denmark for recycling. It literally doesn’t get any fresher.

To go one step further Nuori have chosen packaging that minimizes exposure to air, light and bacteria, before and during use. The glass containers only use opaque glass in order to keep damaging sunlight out. So does it all matter? Absolutely. Nuori is made up of a small range of products ideal for all skin types. The products really work and the freshness (Nuori means Fresh in Finish) is ideal for compromised skin that reacts to typical beauty products. The active ingredients in the range include essential fatty acids, amino acids and Vitamin C.

Our favourite product is the Supreme- C Serum which is a treatment serum applied for 20 days. This super charged serum is ideal for improving hyper pigmentation, sun damage and uneven skin texture. The Vital Facial Cream is an ultra-hydrating, thick (but quickly absorbed) moisturiser packed with antioxidants. The Unifier is a three-in-one spray that can be used as a toner to seal the cleansing phase (double we hope) by lifting the last traces of dirt. It also adds an extra layer of hydration and enhances the performance of subsequent moisturisers (this has become a slight addiction). The Unifier can also be used throughout the day to add moisture and refresh skin. We love this brand and the brave ground-breaking approach to keeping things simple, fresh and pure. 

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