Diet Skincare? Say what now?

So apparently Korea’s beauty mavens are ditching their famous 10-step routines for ‘The Skincare Diet.’ The definition according to is basically the Anti-10-Step Routine which foregoes ‘the hallmark of K-Beauty by focusing on a streamlined skin-care regimen consisting of just two or three steps.’ Cleanse, moisturise, SPF.

The idea behind this ‘trend’ (I literally hate the idea of skincare trends- its your skin not a kimono) is that by cutting back on products in your skincare routine you reduce irritation and redness. Irritation and redness is commonly caused by over sensitising your skin by using actives too young or applying too many at once. Badly formulated (and let’s be honest) cheap skincare that just ticks enough marketing boxes to stand out on a shelf are all going to contribute to these kinds of concerns. So for example; double cleansing in the morning (not necessary unless you wore a full face of makeup to bed) followed by a glycolic acid toner, a fairy essence ampoule (jokes) a 10% Vitamin C serum then topping it off with 1% Retinol will be really severe for certain skin types.

Simplify. I can totally get on board with this and if you use quality products then this makes sense. If your skin is hydrated and you live a healthy balanced lifestyle then why wouldn’t you cut back? Could I only use three products? Absolutely not. I’m 32 and I wear makeup every day, so once I’ve double cleansed in the evening that would only leave me with 1 product and I have concerns that I need to keep on top of. I think 5 is the minimum number of products you can use when the anti-ageing concerns start to creep in. As with everything though, consistency is key. You do not see results after going to the gym once and your skincare routine is the exact same.

Turns out I’ve been doing my own version of ‘The Skincare Diet’ without realising. After I got back from my last couple of sun holiday’s I’ve taken to the Lancer 3 step Method to reset my skin and treat any pigmentation. HOWEVER its never just 3 steps … I would always use an eye product as I get dark circles which if left untreated make me look like I haven’t slept. I would also not leave the house without sun protection so there you go - thats my 5 steps.

I feel like when you invest in great products that are well formulated and have quality active ingredients you can absolutely streamline your routine. I just don’t believe that anyone over 30 can get away with using just 3 products daily. The audience that I believe this ‘trend’ is most relevant to is people under 25 who shouldn’t be using active skincare in the first place and its no wonder they are suffering from irritation. To this group I say; you’re 25 just enjoy your glowing complexion, fast metabolism and hangover free lives and leave the complex skincare routines to those 30+ (give us something).