Bridal Skincare ... its a Journey

The perfect day requires perfect skin. here is our round up of pre wedding steps to make the most of your time in the run up to your wedding.

If there's one thing we've learned about Meghan Markle's bridal beauty its that SKIN IS IN. Trends in bridal beauty are moving towards a more natural and ethereal finish with paired back eyes and lips. Complexion is key to creating a radiant and glowing bridal look with makeup trends like contouring taking a back step. The reason for this is not just Meghan Markle though... those wedding photographs are for life and the Facetuned, strobed, contoured heavy looks that consume our Instagram feeds are fast becoming dated. Here is a checklist for the bridal skincare journey. 



Get your skincare routine in check at least 3 months before the big day. 6 months is even better. If your skin goals are pigmentation, premature ageing or breakouts then 6 months is minimum. You need to give your skin time to adapt to active ingredients, time to swap and change to increase results. As a minimum you should be using a serum, eye product, moisturiser and an SPF. Shop Morning Routine. Treatment products like masks are amazing for giving a last minute glow or treating a breakout. A word of caution on trying an active ingredient for the first time just days before any event- make sure you have tried masks at least 4 weeks ahead of time if you're relying on it the night before or morning of your wedding. Shop Face Masks. 

Double Cleansing:

If you have increased the steps in your skincare routine in the lead up to your wedding then Double Cleansing is key. The second part of a two step cleanse allows the active ingredients to penetrate better in to the skin. Double Cleansing will always help to improve brightness and texture while keeping breakouts in check. 

Eye Care:

A lot of brides suffer with sleepless nights brought on by nerves and stress in the lead up to their wedding. An eye cream or serum is an important step in any skincare routine but even more so when the goal is a natural sparkly eyed complexion for your wedding. For dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, a targeted eye cream will work better than just using your serum or moisturiser on the eye area. To combat any dark circles brought on by tiredness in the run up to and morning of the wedding working under-eye masks in to your routine will help. A lot of makeup artists will use them on the day of the wedding to hydrate the under-eye area. Shop Eye Products. 

Get the Glow:

If exfoliating isn't a part of your weekly skincare ritual then the run up to your wedding is the time to start. Exfoliation can be either chemical (with an acid such as AHA or BHA) or Physical with micro particles that gently buff the skin. This process increases cell turnover and increases collagen production revealing brighter skin thats more even and dewy. The skin goes through a natural process of exfoliation which slows down as we age so things like scarring and pigmentation take longer to fade so a little extra help can make a world of difference. Shop our Get the Glow Edit. 

Regular Treatments:

Do not book 1 facial a week before your wedding and expect glorious skin on the day. A lot of facial treatments require 3-6 treatments to really see positive changes. Likewise in-clinic aesthetic treatments like chemical peels, needling and laser all take time to heal and the sensitivity or moisture levels in your skin can change. Assume that you need 6 weeks to fully assess the effectiveness of an aesthetic treatment and really see the benefit. 


We all know the story about the bride who woke up on her wedding day with a crater of a pimple on her cheek. Get in to the habit of taking green supplements with ingredients like Chlorophyll are naturally anti-inflammatory and work to purify the blood. Omega 3 supplements help to hydrate from the inside out but can also help with energy levels.  Check out our Edit of Supplements from Perricone MD. 


Basic but so necessary.