Brazilian Beauty. Feel Beautiful In Your Own Skin.

Brazilian beauty is about feeling beautiful in your own skin… unashamedly so. We came across luxury body care brand, Sol de Janeiro, on one of our quarterly pilgrimages to the beauty mecca of New York City. It was love at first sight- instantly hooked by its sunny yellow packaging and addictive scents of coconut, Amazonian plant butter and acai.




We met with Heela Yang the Korean-American co-Founder, who eloquently explained the Sol de Janeiro journey from her own personal relocation to Brazil, from a life in New York City.

Yang tells us how in Brazil, the beauty ritual is not all about face, it’s a head to toe ritual. The brand creators came up with the answer to a question we didn’t know we had… how to bottle ‘Brazilian Sexy?’ Starting with the area of the body which Brazilians are most preoccupied with, they created Brazilian Bum Bum Cream pronounced ‘boom boom’ (in case you were wondering). Enriched with a native Amazonian plant called guarana which is one of the most potent forms of caffeine, proven to stimulate circulation. It’s highly moisturising, contains the lightest shimmer and as an added bonus- it smells sensual, sweet and joyful. We also love the Acai Power Body Cream mini's for the gym bag which is deeply nourishing with a different scent inspired by the Amazon. It leaves a silky sheen.  

Our love affair doesn’t stop there though; Brazilian 4 Play shower gel is now right up there with toothpaste & toilet roll when it comes to our necessary purchases. Again, taking inspiration from Brazilian culture where showering is an indulgent first step in your body care ritual; the moisturising shower gel leaves skin soft and irresistibly smooth thanks to the combination of glorious ingredients.

According to Sol de Janeiro; ‘the Brazilian Beijo, our kiss, is a full-on, full body experience.’ Enter the new handbag staple of the year; Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu lip butter. Highly nourishing and a dewy sheen…that hat and scarf might say it’s raining out but your lips scream Samba! Obsessed.

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