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Founded by former Harrods Beauty Buyer Lucy McPhail, Fetch is her edit of the best in global beauty. From the latest scientific discoveries in anti-ageing formulations, to understanding the power of the most naturally derived ingredients; the obsession never stops.

"We believe that glowing skin starts with great skincare habits and our aim is to share our knowledge with you in an inspiring and educational way."

Lucy travels extensively to stay at the forefront of global beauty innovation. "From Japan to South Korea to Los Angeles- beauty is defined differently by different cultures and there is so much to learn by seeking out excellence."

By taking a global view of skincare innovation and research the Fetch mission is to curate only the best products that will exceed our customers expectations. 

Our Skin Goals are designed to offer positive solutions curated in a way that make it easier for you to browse and our Ingredients Explained section will hopefully demystify a lot of the over used marketing terms which plague the beauty industry. 

Fetch is home to niche beauty brands from as far afield as Singapore and Los Angeles. Niche beauty products are created by industry leaders who discover   new technology and active ingredients as an extension of their 'hands-on' day jobs. "The research dictates the product." 

The recommended products and brands (those we deem to be #sofetch) undergo a minimum 30 day testing period for the efficacy and quality of the end result. Every product has an 8-10 word mini description based on this review process to help you navigate our edit. 

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